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Green Swan Lab

Where the world comes together to accelerate climate action.

The climate challenges we’re facing are big. Too big to be solved by one person or one idea, however brilliant it may be. We all have to be part of the change to make it happen. And as we all know, the time to act is now.

We’re excited to introduce you to Green Swan Lab: the first global hub and rating agency for green technology. Our online network connects greentech innovators, investors, experts and enthusiasts from all around the world. Integrating human intelligence and machine learning, our community grades and assesses environmental start-ups and technologies to make them bigger, better and brighter. In short, our goal is to nurture collective knowledge to accelerate climate solutions and build a brighter future together.

Green Swan Lab will be coming soon. We’re looking for the brightest inventors, investors, experts and greentech entrepreneurs who are focused on creating long-lasting climate solutions to support our efforts. Right now, you have the opportunity to partner with us and become a pioneering member of our community.

Please leave your contact information below and we’ll get in touch. Let’s start solving climate change—together.